The Rack Pull Up Marathon

Data dodania: 19.11.2020 » Dodał: nightingal » w temacie: DT Marta If you're after more width, this is a monster. This finisher uses the rack pull-up as the foundation and, from there, we're just going to manipulate leverage and body position to create a nasty mechanical drop set. Set up a bar in a Smith machine or rack at upper-chest height. Set an incline bench out in front of you to prop up your straight legs (when you're at the top of your rack pull-up, your thighs should be as close to parallel to the floor as possible). Then do the following: • Rack Pull-Ups for max reps • Modified Behind-The-Neck Rack Pull-Ups for max reps • Modified Rack Pull-Ups for max reps • Feet-Elevated Scap Depressions for max reps. Use straps. Don’t take any rest between any of the above exercises, outside of what it takes to transition. On the second and third exercises, use as LITTLE lower body assistance as necessary to complete the reps. – PJ Striet

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