Slow Reps vs Fast Reps (Best Tempo for Max Gains)

Data dodania: 06.09.2020 » Dodał: ASNF » w temacie: John Meadows IFBB Pro What is better slow reps or fast reps? What is the best tempo for maximum gains? In this video I give you my opinion on the topic of tempo. I will go over what I think will work best and has worked for me. I would love to hear what your tempo is when you workout so leave it in the comments. As always thanks for watching. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Member website: Shirts Supplements: Discount code - MDYOUTUBE10 IG: Facebook: When you don't have hours and hours to spend researching, but you want to know the latest research summaries, use at this link! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure you like the video share the video and subscribe to the channel. And if you would like me to answer any of you question please ask them in the comment section. #Tempo #Workout #JohnMeadows

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