Michael Patrick Kelly feat. Jennifer Haben - Salve Regina

Data dodania: 07.08.2020 » Dodał: nightingal » w temacie: Co nam w duszy gra ...... i w ... Recorded during the "Knocking on Heaven's Door - Cologne Cathedral Concert" Full Concert: https://youtu.be/bE4ffifDTRw About the concert: Easter, April 2020. The world came to an eerie halt. Many countries are in a lockdown. Shops and schools are closed. Michael Patrick Kelly gets an invite from Cologne Cathedral to hold a concert in the 700 years old UNESCO world cultural heritage location. Alone and without an audience. The cathedral’s portals remain shut. The audio-visual recording of this extraordinary event is now available for everyone to see. Ostern im April 2020. Die Welt steht still, viele Länder befinden sich im Lockdown. Auch in Deutschland sind Geschäfte und Schulen geschlossen. Michael Patrick Kelly erhält die Einladung des Kölner Doms, in der im UNESCO Weltkulturerbe eingetragenen Kathedrale ein Konzert zu geben. Alleine und ohne Publikum. Das Domportal bleibt verriegelt. Hier kann man nun das Ergebnis sehen. Credits: Filmed in April 2020 at the Cathedral of Cologne (Germany) Produced by Michael Patrick Kelly Audio: Music Produced by Michael Patrick Kelly Recorded by Dirk Schulz @ds.sound.works & Nico Sierig Recording Engineer Chris Gajny Pre and post production by Nico Sierig & Dirk Schulz @ds.sound.works Mixed & Mastered by Dirk Schulz Video: Directed by Marvin Ströter @ Wevame Assistant to director Stefanie Ganschow Camera operators Dustin Janczewski, Vincent Franken, Alexander Wörl Lights: Light design by Nik Evers @ hell.studio Lighting Technician and Feelgoodmanager Ole Windgassen Lighting Technician Markus Hoch Operator Flo Erdmann Production: Production Management by Kristof Beliczey @ 2. Heimat Tourservice GmbH Production Manager Markus Schmitt Management: Pino Brönner / Bam Bam Music GmbH PR & Project Coordination: Daniela Fuchs A very special thanks goes to Ret. Domprobst Gerd Bachner and the whole Cologne Cathedral Team for this extraordinary opportunity, and for all the hard work put into this project during the Corona crisis. MPK

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