Data dodania: 08.12.2019 » Dodał: ASNF » w temacie: CT FLETCHER ROBERT GOTTFRIED Dad was a union plasterer, by trade. He came to California when homes were being built in the 50’s. During this time, the “Tract Home” was conceived. Dad was in high demand, because he could plaster several homes in one day. But this work was hard on the body. He would develop huge callus’s on his shoulders from carrying the “mud” up to the second floor of the houses. This position in the construction industry is called “Hod Carrier”. He knew it was time to move on from the hard construction life. Dad began working for Disneyland in 1958, six months after the park’s Grand Opening in Anaheim. It was a much more casual time. Dad would tell us; Walt Disney would often come in the shop’s back door to avoid supervisors. Walt would love spending time with his people without management hanging around. We moved into the house on Pacific Avenue, when I was 10 and my Brother was 6 months old. I remember looking at a few homes in the area, one with a pool. I wanted that one! Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Dad loved the property on Pacific Avenue because of the additional land and the privacy. Mom was not too happy with the house. She wanted something more modern. But Dad promised Mom he would re-model the house and make it beautiful. He kept that promise. Dad did all the work himself. Dad was also an artist. Before starting the remodel on the exterior, he made a model out of clay. He molded the arches and was beautiful! In the mid-70’s, the City of Long Beach presented our parents with a Long Beach Beautiful award. I remember the city had an awards dinner for the recipients. We were so proud of Dad.

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