Sympuls-E - Mirror City (Full Album)

Data dodania: 06.11.2019 » Dodał: nightingal » w temacie: Co nam w duszy gra ...... i w ... Country: Russia Artist: Sympuls-E Album: Mirror City Year: 2017 Genre: Modern Melodic Death Metal Tracklist: 01. Monolith Of The Soul 00:00 02. Silver Wings 04:27 03. City Of The Void 08:08 04. Stellar River 12:42 05. In The Mirrors 16:43 06. A Prisoner Of Myself 21:10 07. Blade Of The Night 25:24 08. Eternity Is Behind 29:35 09. C.O.D.A. 33:01 FACEBOOK: BANDCAMP: METAL ARCHIVES: If you like some of these bands, go to the store and buy their CD, order it or download it from their official sites. This is only for promotional purposes, I DON'T have any profit of this. If you want the video taken down due to any copyrights that may be Infringed please contact me.

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