Back to Back Training in Texas - Johnnie Jackson at Metroflex Arlington

Data dodania: 09.09.2019 » Dodał: ASNF » w temacie: Johnnie O. Jackson IFBB Pro "It's not a point to live forever, its leaving something back that will." Johnnie Jackson talks about the legacy every man needs to leave behind. When you work day in and day out, no one should strive to just get by, be average or do the bare minimum. If you don't have a burning desire to be the absolute best at your chosen craft then it is probably time for you to do something else. "Its been a while since Branch and myself have trained together. We trained together in China but it was more exhibition style and not true gritty, old school training sessions. Felt great to be back." Johnnie Jackson is revving up his workouts and energy around some big things including seminars with the ISSA, events and appearances with GASP and Mutant. Whether or not another pro bodybuilding competition is on the horizon is to be determined. Stay tuned for more training information and motivation from Johnnie at GASPOFFICIAL.COM.

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