Vince Taylor, Phil Heath, Margie Marvelous & Ronnie Coleman | MD Global Muscle Radio Ep. 24

Data dodania: 10.06.2019 » Dodał: ASNF » w temacie: Ronnie Coleman - aktualna form... In this “Legends and Champs” episode, MD Global Muscle Radio has raised the bar to the next level yet again. In the perhaps most EPIC installment of the weekly bodybuilding podcast that, like its guests, is on the RISE, we have: ‘90s bodybuilding legend Vince “The Prince” Taylor, who shared: • His beginnings in the sport back in Germany in the US Army in the ‘80s. Living large in Berlin. • His influence from bodybuilding superstar John Brown, who taught him how to develop his physique, his business in bodybuilding, and of course how to pose like only a rare few have ever managed to do. • The origins and secrets behind that famous 1991 Mr. Olympia Terminator posing routine (often imitated afterward, but never duplicated). • The diet that changed his physique almost OVERNIGHT. • Tells us about the biceps tear that almost ended his pro bodybuilding career before it barely began. • Winning the 1998 NPC Nationals, to winning the Night of Champions and placing third at the 1989 Mr. Olympia behind Lee Haney and Lee Labrada in Rimini, Italy, all in under one year. • The Grand Prix Tour stories and his victory at the British Grand Prix in 1995 beating the hot favorite, Kevin Levrone. • How he manages to still look and feel so great at 63. Secrets revealed to staying so young and fresh. All this in part one – to be continued in part two in a future episode of MD Global Muscle Radio. Then we had 7-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath dropping in to tell us all about being the FIRST for our NEW MD Global Muscle Pro Tour coming to the U.K. in July! Phil also shares his latest news, tells us all about his numerous exciting projects, and gives us his opinion on his return and how he sees the 2019 Olympia playing out. Next we had the unbelievable female bodybuilder Margie V. Marvelous HOT off her recent dominating Toronto Pro win! Margie shows us the stunning muscular, feminine physique as well that we think could become the number ONE female bodybuilder in the world this year! And finally, we had the all-time legend of legends, the one and only 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman to speak about his new project launching very soon with GMR's Giles and AJ. #VinceTaylor #PhilHeath #MargieMarvelous #RonnieColeman

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