Sergio Oliva Jr Exclusive Interview - MD Global Muscle Radio Ep. 5

Data dodania: 08.01.2019 » Dodał: ASNF » w temacie: Sergio Oliva Jr. IFBB Pro For Episode 5 of MD Global Muscle Radio, we have the son of a legend currently forging his own path to glory in the Pro ranks, Sergio Oliva, Jr! This was one of the most entertaining interviews ever. Some of the topics included: - relocating to San Diego from Venice Beach - New sponsor GAT and his Victory clothing line that he now has sole ownership of - His wife cheating on him in Australia and finding a new level of happiness during his visit there recently - Playing his father Sergio Oliva in the movie Bigger - His first Olympia experience - Press conference and social media clashes with Justin Rodriguez and Nathan De Asha - Depression - Downsizing and detoxing in off-season - Living and training with Tom Platz - Who he thinks is the best Mr. Olympia of all time - Who he thinks will be the next Mr. Olympia - Never-before-told stories about his father, 3X Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva - When and where he will compete in 2019 Listen to the podcast: #SergioOlivaJr

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