DMX ft. Busta Rhymes - Come Thru ( Dirty)

Data dodania: 18.07.2013 » Dodał: chimera1 » w temacie: O rapie po treningu dyskusje..... Finally the uncensored version of this track. Its faya so check it subscribe to me plz!! I got lotsa videos Lyrics: [Chorus: Swizz Beatz - 2X] When I come thru everything gon' stop When I come thru everything gon' stop When I come thru everything gon' stop Now move.. move.. move.. move.. [DMX] X comes thru the hood, like here comes trouble Year of the dog again, first week double Low in the rider, east coast nigga Fo' in the rider, street loc nigga Far for jiggie but like biggie bitches call me big poppa I got a big dick and I'd a pop her Yea the kid talk shit but the kid don't front How ever shit go "give 'em what they want" I ain't signing shit, love my fans But Cross this line with the camera in your hands Cause it could get real ugly real thick And you like this nigga ?? real quick Motherfuckin' right, I ain't got time for the small talk One of us has got to go down, we can't all walk You know this as well as I do But I promise you, I'm go hide you and no one will find you [Chorus (Swizz Beatz)] [Busta Rhymes] Stop nigga, hold up, you know I don't quit You see I'm back and I'm comin' to smash your shit And ahhla back with the god and bus-a-bus nigga This time I'm bringin' the shovel so I can come and dig another grave For all of you bustards what the fuck you think you doin' I'll put a stop to your function and anybody movin' And then I'll fuck up production and any crew you flew in You ain't with me, you against me, The loser side you chosen Anyway, word to ears, you niggas know I ain't finished I'll fuck up every hood, and I'm back to handle my business You niggas thinking you though like you ate a can of spinach In till we mash on you faggots and make you change up your image Flip mode in this bitch, Ruff Ryders is with me You see we back on the block and yes, we runnin' the city Now you niggas know the flow less ain't controlin' the committee Nothing' should be movin' unless my crew in it, you fell me [Chorus (Swizz Beatz)] [DMX] If there is money, I want half Niggas is funny to watch, go head laugh Ain't nothing to smile about For real, all niggas is wildin' out Niggas who pound you out We found you out in distance Leg missin', head missin' Something like 28 days missin' And you know how the dessert do a nigga Brake you down quick, residue a nigga Can't stop the flow, niggas stop and go When ever I drop, a million out the door Y'all niggas know, X got to be fucked with Y'all run around on some dumb shit with a slump dick Fuck a bitch, you niggas know I don't mind scrapping When I see you I see you what ever happens, happens This ain't just rappin', niggas talk a good one You know what let that go, see me in the hood son [Chorus (Swizz Beatz)]

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